Joy on the Journey

Finding True Joy Amidst the Instant Gratification the World is Pursuing

Count Your Blessings

I’m sure you’ve probably heard about counting your blessings whenever you are feeling down. But it’s a good way to bring yourself back up, right? Whenever I'm anxious, fearful, stressed, or feeling negatively, it genuinely helps me to recognize all... Continue Reading →

Find the Meaning of JOY

Do you remember singing or have you heard the JOY song that is often sang in Children’s Sunday School? It was one of my favorite songs I sang in Sunday School when I was younger, but I never realized how... Continue Reading →

Be Reflective In Decision-Making

They said college is where you find your lifelong friends. This intimidated me and I did not believe it could be true. College seemed like something so far away. I was just beginning to get the feel of high school... Continue Reading →

As the year of 2016 came to a close, I realized the majority of my thoughts on a daily basis were negative. And since my thoughts were negative, my speech was reflecting negativity too in how easy it is to... Continue Reading →

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